History of Bit by Bit

Bit by Bit Computing was founded in Grand Blanc by company President, Greg Neuffer in 1988. We have been serving the local business and educational communities by making technology affordable ever since.

Below, you'll find some stories about Bit by Bit and some of our clients, that have appeared in local newspapers.

Computers help classroom
by Benjamin Balog
Grand Blanc Press 
January 16, 1994

There are no drawing tables, compasses or even pencils in this mechanical drawing classroom at Carman-Ainsworth High School. Who needs them? Instead there are rows of computers boasting high-tech, state-of-the-art programs which allow students to design and draw virtually everything they wish.

"These kids have to have something to offer an employer when they go out," he said. "It's unbelievable what the students create."

Left on some screens were bridges made with little material that can withstand 18-ton trucks and futuristic lawnmower engines. Both hardware and software in the CAD lab were provided and set up by Bit by Bit Computing, a Grand Blanc based company.

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District exceeds county in technology
The West Valley News
January 13, 1994


Carman-Ainsworth students now have access to one of the most technologically advanced computer labs in Michigan.

Last summer, Carman-Ainsworth and Bit by Bit Computing of Grand Blanc installed Computer Aided Designs (CAD) and Business Computer Labs in the high school.

The CAD Lab is said to be one of the most technology advanced labs in the state. It is also used at companies like Ford and General Motors.

Mark Christenson, educational consultant for Bit by Bit Computing, said the CAD Lab gives students the ability to use and learn programs that are readily used in the working world, which in turn helps them get into the job market more easily.

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Schools apply computer technology
The Grand Blanc News


Students like it, and instructors like it even more -- the advantages high technology computers now offer the learning
and teaching processes.

Ask Dudley Place, biology instructor at Grand Blanc High School. He has laser disc technology at his fingertips that he integrates into his lessons. He has 55,000 stills -- short movie clips, specimens of plants, etc. -- that he shows on a television screen via high technology.

They come in color. They get the attention of the class. They are versatile. And they can be reversed, slide by slide.

Place keeps all of his grades on a computer and his records on laser discs.

Go into the library and you'll find students accessing a CD Rom encyclopedia. They can learn about the composer,
Bach, for instance, and listen to his music playing via ear phones as they learn.

Or take the CD Rom of "Mammals" containing all the animals in the world. Students can bring up pictures and see them in their natural habitat. It has the actual sound, in-depth detail, and is all in color. Produced by National Geographic, it will show the regional of the animal, as well.

Many of these computer systems, including the one in Grand Blanc Schools, Clio, Carman-Ainsworth, Montrose, Mt. Morris, Clio, Flushing, the Genesee Area Skill Center, and more, are being set up and serviced by Bit By Bit Computing, specialist in computer solutions, located in Grand Blanc.

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Computer firm credited with saving the day!
Tri-County News
May 31, 1992


Computer breakdowns forced Tri-County News staff writers to work a miracle in getting out today's edition. "Our reporters all put in back-to-back 8-hour days and are to be commended for their efforts and dedication, especially with the Thursday tragedy with the Urbin girls happening a day before our major computer problems," said Managing Editor Lori Tornek, She credited Bit by Bit by Bit Computer of Grand Blanc with making today's edition possible, "They spent most of the day here, bringing in computers and dumping data into them from our system," she explained. 
Clio schools enjoy high-capacity computer system
Journal staff writer
The Flint Journal
June 8, 1992


CLIO - Sarah O'Leary sometimes does homework without even leaving Carter Middle School.

The seventh-grader tackles English assignments on a powerful computer network with a fiber-optic backbone and 375 computers linking teachers and students throughout the Clio School District.

Educators also give high marks to the $200,000-plus system with whopping capacity, popular software such as New Print Shop, laser printers, color monitors and 16 telephone lines so teachers can access school terminals via modems from home.

Computers are nothing new to education anymore, but Clio's system contains some impressive features such as a media center with a library card catalog and an electronic encyclopedia, Wimberg said.

The network was installed by Bit by Bit Computing of Grand Blanc, which also has set up computer systems in Montrose, Flushing, Mt. Morris and Westwood Heights schools.

Company President Greg Neuffer said the network one day could be connected to equipment in other districts and students could have the same home computer access now enjoyed by teachers.

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Clio computer net already looking to catch the next generation
By Stepben Lee
Genesee County Herald
February 2, 1994


CLIO- A nine year old with the chicken pox, sits in hia bedroom furiously typing in front of a glowing computer screen.

The boy isn't playing Street Fighter II or Starfox. Instead, he's accessing his homework assignments from Edgerton Elementary.

This scenario isn't science fiction, in fact it's only a few years from becoming reality.

Clio Schools is the only district in the county using a computer network with a fiber optic back bone, which gives individual computers access to powerful programs on centrally located server units. The network was installed four years ago by the Grand Blanc based firm of Bit by Bit Computing. Last week, Bit by Bit educational consultant Mark Christenson and firm president Greg Neuffer toured the growing Clio network.

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