LAN (Local Area Network) Service

We offer full service Local Area and Wide Area
Microsoft NT®  and Novel Networks.

CAT 5 Wiring Installation

Custom Servers and Clients

We offer full Category 5 wiring for your network.

• Experienced CAT5 wiring
• Wall jack installation (RJ11 and RJ45)
• Internal (inside wall) or external (Panduit) wiring for networks
• Modem line(s) installation (RJ11)
• Phone line(s) installation (RJ11)
• Full punch down of phones and modem lines.
• Patch cables for computer networks
• Plenum and non-plenum CAT5

If possible, all wiring services should be installed prior to installing drywall.  Labor costs will be much lower if your situation allows wiring before dry walling.

We offer 100% fully upgradeable open architecture computers. Our systems are customized using only the best components in order to fully meet the customer’s individual needs.  For more information on open architecture computers click here.

A computer is a highly complex machine. Every element inside a computer contributes to its overall performance. Store bought packaged machines simply CAN NOT compete with our custom machines.

These machines are for serious computing and business networks. Your network SHOULD be 100% customized around your business.

Your Satisfaction is ALWAYS guaranteed at Bit by Bit Computing


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