Website Design and Hosting Services

You can have a professional, cost effective web site!

  • Experienced web site design including a huge selection of custom features!
  • Unsurpassed hosting rates
  • Reliable, fast host servers
  • E-commerce (online stores!)
  • Web Database design and connectivity
  • Domain masked E-mail forwarding
  • E-mail POP3 Boxes
  • One on One consulting
  • Fast, friendly, reliable service!

  Step by Step...

The following steps guide you through the web site production process!




As a small business ourselves, we focus on the needs of small to medium sized businesses who need expert customer service at an affordable price!  We can create and host a top quality web site, at a price you can smile about.  An average online brochure, complete with 1 year of hosting, usually costs under $2500!  We pride ourselves on placing the little guy on the Internet.

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What do I need to make a website?


  • Actual creation of the site - a collection of many different types of files
  • Host - a place to put your site
  • Content (i.e. literature and pictures)
How do I start?


Domain Names.
First, you must consider domain names. (
Prepare to choose several different variations of your name.  With the explosion of the Internet, your name may already be registered by someone else.

Your domain name can be as long as 22 characters. The domain must consist only of letters, numbers and dashes(-). The www is not part of the actual domain name and is just a standard web prefix.

Choosing a domain name.
You want to select a name that will be easy for your customers or potential customers to remember. The obvious choice would be to use your business name, such as But if your company is named The ABC Company, you might want to try abbreviating the domain name for simplicity - such as

If the name you would like has already been registered by another company, you will want to be creative and decide on a name that is associated with your company. For instance, if The ABC Company sells letters, then you may want to try

Additionally, you will need to choose an extension.
If your name is unavailable with an extension, we can try to register it with another extension.  For example, if is already registered, then we could try
  • COM - is for commercial, for-profit organizations
  • EDU - is for 4-year, degree granting institutions only
  • NET - is for network infrastructure machines and organizations
  • ORG - is for miscellaneous usually non-profit organizations
  • INT - is for organizations established by international treaties, or international databases
  • GOV - is for United States federal government agencies
  • MIL - is used by the US Military


Bit by Bit Computing will register your chosen name (based on priority from you) and set-up your hosting (place to put your site).
After which...


Bit by Bit Computing will custom design and publish your web site.  We will work closely with you to  optimize your new site.  We will require pamphlets, brochures, pictures, and any other pertinent information you want to have published to your site.

The interaction process is vital to the creation of your site.  Along with your input and ideas, we will use our experience and creativity to design your top-quality site.  

The more interaction we get from you, the more effectively we can create your web presence.
What features do I get?


  • E-mail: Forwarded mail: We will give you an e-mail address masked as  When an individual sends e-mail to this address it is automatically forwarded to your existing e-mail account.  The benefit of this option is that you may choose any ISP (Internet service provider - AOL, Prodigy, ATT, etc) at any time.  This eliminates changing stationary and business cards because no matter who your ISP is, your e-mail address will always be the same. Any time you change your ISP (thereby changing your e-mail account) just give us a call and we will change the forwarding address for free.
  • E-mail: POP3 - Your new addresses would be saved in a POP box on the Internet. You would have to use Microsoft© Outlook® or other e-mail client program to retrieve your mail. We will provide instructions on setting up e-mail.
  • Domain name registration:
    This URL (web address) will point to your site
  • Set-up on Bit by Bit Computing Server Space: We have Re-Seller agreements with several major internet hosting companies. We only use MAJOR Carriers Rated in the top 5.
  • Scanned pictures and art
  • Digital Photographs of product, facilities, staff, etc.
  • Graphic art created by Bit by Bit Computing and affiliates.
  • JavaScript Rollovers
  • Image Maps
  • Hyper Links (Graphic and text)
  • Custom forms (form information is sent to an e-mail address)
  • Java Applets are available with a licensing and set-up fee of approx. $50 depending on the applet (Applets add special effects and "jazz" to web sites)
  • Upon payment, Bit by Bit Computing will provide a free CD copy of your site.
  • Many other features depending on your needs


What's this going to cost?


  • Domain Name: billed by Network Solutions (or other registrar)

    You will be billed for $70 for this name. This registration is good for 2 years. After which they will send you a $30 bill per year. This company works with the United States Government to regulate and register domain names.  These charges are not billed by Bit by Bit Computing.
  • Creation: Billed by Bit by Bit Computing. All web sites labor is formally quoted after initial evaluation.

    You will  be billed for the quoted creation and set-up of your website from Bit by Bit Computing.  This will be a one-time charge usually ranging at approx. $2500 and up.  Most "on-line" brochures will be under $1500. Bit by Bit Computing requires a percentage deposit before work begins. You will not be billed for the balance until you are fully satisfied.
  • Hosting: billed by Bit by Bit Computing
    Monthly hosting is NOT available.  Minimum 6 months prepaid is required. Hosting is formally quoted depending your requirements. 
What about updates to my site?
8 MINOR updates (name changes, email changes etc) are included. Other updates are formally quote based on a flat hourly rate.  You may contact us regarding any updates at any time!
Okay, tell me more...
9 Please call: 1-810-694-7477
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